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Tropical Roast – It’s Mine Now’s Style Selects

We attended the Tropical Roast party on Saturday and it was crazy fun! Warm sun, swimming, slippery-sliding, dancing, drinking and eating burritos about sums it up. If you were there, you know what we’re talking about.

We mostly loved all the tropical getups and snapped a few of our favourites:

Tropical Roast

Love the floral high-waisted shorts, round sunnies and bare feet. Casual and comfy.

Tropical Roast

Flower crowns were a hit! Almost every girl there was wearing one. Summer lovin!

Tropical Roast

Keeping it cool in a fun, flowing maxi skirt

Tropical Roast

We say Best Dressed! Wouldn’t you agree? Her fruity head-gear is rather amazing. 5 gold stars for effort.

Tropical Roast

Pineapples FTW!

Tropical Roast

Guys wearing brightly-coloured shorts and floral shirts errwhere.

Tropical Roast

There is an actual pineapple on her head! Pineapples win again.

Tropical Roast

You can just never go wrong with sparkles, we say. “Shine bright like a diamond” and all that.

Tropical Roast

The lovely Lola rocking her pineapple potato printed top, looking smashing on the dancefloor

It’s Mine Now also recommends Didi’s Bitchin Burritos for the tastiest burrito experience! The veg option we had was absolutely delicious, be sure to keep an eye out for her food truck at festivals and other summer events.

Tropical Roast

Didi’s Bitchin Burritos Food Truck. Those burritos! Dayum they’re good.

Can’t wait for the next Tropical Roast event!

If you missed this one, you NEED to attend the next one. You will not be disappointed.


2 comments on “Tropical Roast – It’s Mine Now’s Style Selects

  1. Gabriela Fraser
    February 27, 2014

    The fun, flowing maxi skirt is actually a pair of trousers 🙂 Find them on Facebook at Gabriela Fraser Designs!

    • itsminenowblog
      February 28, 2014

      Oh wow! Those are some funky flowing trousers! Absolutely love them and love Gabriela Fraser. Think I’m going to have to get myself a pair of those 😉 Thanks for letting us know xx

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