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Do It Yourself: Pineapple Potato Stamp Print

DIY Pineapple Potato Print

Time for some tropical DIY fun!

Our lovely friend Lola and I are going to a tropical-themed event next weekend called Tropical Roast. It’s going to be such summer fun – braaing (barbecuing) in a sun-filled quarry at Hillcrest Wine Estate, listening to electronic music and drinking and dancing with friends. You should come!

Being the typical girls we are, we immediately wondered what to wear. We got inspired by Jade’s DIY Cat Print and decided to give our DIY tops a tropical flare. The best way to do that: with pineapples of course.

Want to make your own?


– A Knife.
– 2 Potatoes.
– A plain white top.
– Green and yellow fabric paint.
– Paint brushes.
– Paper to practice on.

DIY Pineapple Potato Print

STEP 1: Cutting the potatoes

Halve your potatoes. Cut an oval (pineapple fruit), a pineapple-shaped leaf and a tiny triangle out of three of the halves.

DIY Pineapple Potato Print

STEP 2: Practicing the pineapple print

Practice on paper first! Brush some yellow paint onto the oval shape and place it facing downwards onto the paper. Be careful not to push too hard, it’s not meant to be perfect, you want it to have a “printed” look about it.

Then brush the pineapple leaf shape with the green paint and be careful to place it in the right place, at the top of the yellow oval shape. You should now have something that resembles a pineapple!

Brush the tiny triangle with green paint and make a pattern ontop of the yellow oval. The triangles can face upwards or downwards, we recommend mixing it up a bit. You might have to repeatedly brush paint onto the triangle to get a good enough print.

STEP 3: Printing on the material

Now it’s time to print on the material! Do the ovals first, then the leaves and finish off with the triangles. We decided to place the pineapples in all different directions, some upside down, some sideways, but you can place them however you like.

Once the printing is done on the front of the top, wait for it to dry and then do the back. Don’t forget about the sides too!

DIY Pineapple Potato Print

STEP 4: Wear it with attitude!

Once it has completely dried (check the instructions on your chosen material paint), put it on and wear it with attitude. Match it with high-waisted denims and a hot pair of sunnies and you can’t go wrong.

Lola and I are gonna look ultra-tropical next weekend, can’t wait! We’ll be sure to take pictures.

Lauren x


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