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We love Glovely Gloves

Until you have experienced below zero degree temperatures, we’re pretty sure you can’t appreciate the value of a good set of gloves.

Cue Glovely gloves.

Digging my Cozy lined Glovely Gloves.

I was lucky enough to be gifted (thank you Wolf) a beautiful Charcoal-coloured pair of Cozy Touch Screen gloves.

They are awesome for a number of reasons:

  1. They are called Glovely and we glove that (hiyuk hiyuk).
  2. They are somehow super magical and allow you to use touchscreens without having to take them off.
  3. The cute yellow logo on each glove is actually a sneakily hidden magnet so your gloves always stay together when they are not on your paws.
  4. The snuggly lining is soft on your skin and keeps your hands extra warm.

Charcoal Cozy lined Glovely Gloves.

Charcoal Cozy lined Glovely Gloves.

Charcoal Cozy lined Glovely Gloves.

A big “It’s Mine Now recommends” goes out to these beautifully crafted hand-warmers.

With love from a freezing U.S State,




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