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What the Fox Studio

We’re open for business!

Well, What the Fox Studio is open for business, and It’s Mine Now is on the rails.

Shopping online can be hit or miss, we know! If you prefer to try it before you buy it, but still like what you’ve seen on our Facebook page, you’ll like our foxxy news.

It’s Mine Now is officially available in-store at the What the Fox Studio in Muizenberg.

what the fox

The intimate clothing shop, founded by Brittany Smith, opened its doors for the first time just this week. We love the way the big windows let in lots of light, and the neat and simple way each label’s garments are presented. Visit What the Fox Studio at 69 Main Road, Muizenberg to have a look through our It’s Mine Now rail, and to get a look at some of the other brands in stock.

Our very own Pascal took a leisurely drive to the seaside suburb to snap a few pics for you:

what the fox what the fox what the fox what the fox what the fox

It’s Mine Now clothing for sale at What The Fox:

what the fox what the fox

We’re so excited to finally have our stock in-store, and we hope this is just the beginning. Watch this space!


2 comments on “What the Fox Studio

  1. Mia-Carla
    December 13, 2013

    Hi there the store looks great.. Just wanted to know if I got clothes to give, can I bring it down to u guys?? And will there be a reinbursment for donating clothes to the shop..
    let me know thanx!!

    • itsminenowblog
      January 29, 2014

      Thanks Mia!

      The store is not ours, we were simply occupying a rail at What the Fox Studios.

      If you’re interested in passing along some of your items it’s best to email us at and send us a few images of your items.

      Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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