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Capturing emotion in black and white

Black and white photography captures emotion and moments in a way that colour photographs just can’t. Capturing a moment in a photograph void of colour and yet so powerful is something very few people can get right.

A photographer I have been following for a while, and who I believe definitely gets it, is Tasya Van Ree. If you’ve heard of her, you’ll know she’s developed quite a name for herself and often photographs and socialises with the rich and famous, similar to Terry Richardson in a way. However, her style is very different: she captures moments, mostly black and white photographs, and her tumblr is a beautiful image gallery of her life and everyday stories.  Most of them have so much to say and evoke, so much emotion that it gives me goosebumps. These are some of my favourite shots of hers:

She is but only one of the amazing black and white photographers out there. If you love these shots, be sure to check out Tony Frissell, Daido Moriyama and Ralph Gibson too.

Pinterest is of course one of the best ways to get inspired by beautiful things. A  friend of mine (and my colleague, Jade’s, boyfriend),  Grant Campbell is a lover of black and white photography and has one of the most beautiful pinboards ever! If you’re on Pinterest, be sure to follow the board. Here are some of my faves:

Lastly, our very own Jade Scully has started documenting her own black and white photo stories on Instagram since she moved to Washington DC for a year. Love what she’s been able to capture so far! If you’re on instagram, be sure to follow her too – @foxxed. Here are some of my favourites of hers so far:

I can’t wait to try and shoot my own black and white emotive stories. If you have any of your own inspiring photos, please share with us! We would love to see them.



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