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The best café’s in Cape Town

Working and living right in the middle of the Cape Town CBD makes it almost too easy to get drawn into the coffee culture that exists in the hustle and bustle. Independent café’s have popped up all over the Mother City over the past two years, and it seems coffee and croissant-lovers can’t get enough. Whether it’s the 9 to 5-ers getting their routine morning fix, the freelancers tapping away on their laptops while sipping a steaming flat white, or the passer’s-by stopping for a quick take-away coffee; everyone seems to be drawn in by that drifting rich coffee aroma.

We like to think we’ve tried and tested quite a few of these café’s. You could go as far as to say most of the owners recognise us, greet us and know all about It’s Mine Now. We like coffee… a lot!  But what we mostly love about these hubs of creativity is the opportunity to spot some stylishly-dressed patrons.

Our favourite café’s are (in no particular order):

theblend-headThe Blend

The Blend is a cosy and friendly café based in Roeland Street.

What we love about The Blend:

– Their sandwiches: SO delicious, affordable and made fresh daily.

– Their “blend” concept: you can choose from a variety of local coffees, be sure to try their house blend!

– The natural, friendly feel of their rustic décor: old crates with second-hand books on the walls, chalkboards and pot plants, big cookie jars and gumball machines.

– The owners and staff: Always so welcoming and friendly.


fieldoffice-headField Office

Field Office is a stylishly minimalist, quirky café based in Barrack Street.

What we love about Field Office:

– Their “office café” concept: Here you’ll find a mix of freelancers using this spot as their office. The spacious table setup and free wifi tend to coax them in.

– Their support of local design: Small exhibitions of local designers are regularly displayed in the café. They also show massive support for “CT Design Capital 2014” which we definitely appreciate!

– Their red velvet cupcakes: Absolute heaven.

– The barista: Such a character! So friendly and regularly telling his customers that he loves them. Awwww.


truth-headTruth Coffee

Truth Coffee is an edgy, steam-punk themed café based in Buitenkant Street.

What we love about Truth:

– The “steam-punk” concept: They have taken this theme to the next level and we love that dedication and originality! Cogs, steam, bronze and metal, clocks, pipes, bulbs – the perfect atmosphere for workaholics that also like to play.

– The barista art: Ever since their opening they have excelled in this department! From skulls to flowers to dragons, we’re always keen to see what newness they have adorning the tops of their coffees.

– Their events: Unlike most café’s, they often stay open til late and host events in the evenings, including vintage markets (which we have been a part of), movie nights and music events.

– The midnight baker: Chocolate croissants baked everyday at midnight so that they’re warm and fresh at 8 in the morning. Warning: highly addictive.

truth1 truth2

beanthere-headBean There

Bean There is a homey, relaxed-atmosphere café based in Wale Street

What we love about Bean There:

– The coffee: A really smooth, rich coffee – one of our favourites.

– The relaxed atmosphere: Feel free to bring a book, sit on the comfy couches with a flat white in hand and read for hours, uninterrupted.

– The sunlight: Beautiful rays of sunlight stream through the windows during the day, ensuring it’s always warm and light inside – making this the best space in which to get lost in thought.


There you have it! Those are our personal faves. We’d love to hear about your’s?


What do you think?

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