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It’s Mine Now – The Royal Shoot

No matter how much planning goes into a shoot there’s always something that goes wrong or gets forgotten. We definitely learnt that the hard way with our latest shoot.

We’ve been planning to shoot a Royal-theme with our friend Nathalie for almost a year now and when it finally came to it we were a little pushed for time. Over three days we had to confirm the venue, source wardrobe, fit and finalise wardrobe, confirm our makeup artist and do a props run. After all that our makeup artist ended up being sick on the day and we ended up running way (way) behind schedule.

Thankfully we had a saviour – Lauren Telo (MUA/H) drove all the way from N1 City to our rescue, Zeus (her gorgeous staffy) along for the ride. She did incredible makeup and hair, even under time constraints, and just before 2pm (four hours late) we headed to the venue – Highlands Country House in Kenilworth.

Highlands is a Boutique Hotel with personality – walking onto the property is like being transported into the country and another era entirely. It’s all about the finer things in life at this hotel – the interior is decadently decorated while the exterior is well-tailored and prim. We were unbelievably lucky enough to secure one of the Loft Rooms in which to shoot as well as having free reign in some of the other beautiful spaces.

Once at the venue we were able to move through the look pretty fast – Second Time Around was amazing and trusted us with some of their most precious pieces (one vintage wedding dress looked like it had come straight out of the 1800s). If you haven’t been to this vintage second-hand shop in Long Street then you better make a plan to!

On our second last look we popped a bottle of champagne, took a well-deserved break and basked in our opulent surroundings. Despite the initial stress, it had been a good day of shooting. And the bubbly was the best idea we had had.

Hope you like the behind the scenes pics:

Jade xx

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