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It’s Mine Now shoots with Stacey Knipe

We’re a very lucky brand. We have so many quirkily beautiful friends and all of them seem to be game when we ask them to shoot with us.

This past weekend we asked our friend Stacey (who’s never really modeled before) to come in for a six to seven look shoot and she was keen. We were also super lucky to have use of the Knnktr offices – a perfect space in terms of space and lighting for what we wanted.

This particular shoot is a little different from our previous stuff. We wanted to play a bit with the shots rather than have too much focus on capturing the clothes. We made sure we had a killer playlist, set up the shots in our mind and then while we waited for our model to arrive we had a mini shoot of our own (out of which some of my favourite photos of me ever have come out).

I think we all enjoyed playing around with the use of natural light, fake wind with a perfectly powerful fan and fun props. Stacey has a slight frame and we were worried that the wardrobe options we had might be too big but they all worked out perfectly. She couldn’t have rocked each outfit in a better way.

So much fun, can’t wait to share all the edits with you!

Jade xx

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