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I love online shopping!

I’ve recently started shopping online a lot more and am beginning to find it quite addictive. However, I am still a bit nervous shopping for clothes online, mainly because you can’t try the clothes on. I am trying to be more risky though, because it really is so easy, and getting your parcel delivered to you is always so much fun! A bit of advice though, if you’re shopping for clothes online, always remember to read through the returns and refunds policy. Some online stores have great policies which make it a lot easier and reassuring for the customer, like Mr Price for example.

You may have seen our previous post about the launch of the Mr Price online store. I decided to take it for a “spin”, and I’ve got to say I enjoyed it a lot. The store is very easy to use and offers a variety of payment options which make it as convenient for the customer as possible. The clothes are also displayed very well, with 4 different angles of each item as well as zooming in for a closer look at the details.

Their clothes at the moment are also great! I am particularly fond of their “Aquatic” range, which focuses on dusty pinks and creams with shimmery, flowy textures. Beautiful and feminine.

You can check out the online store here:

These are the clothes I bought. Going to get them today! Let me know what you think of my purchases…

Lauren x

3 comments on “I love online shopping!

  1. Paula J
    August 23, 2012

    Shopping for clothes and shoes online is stressful! Unless you’ve tried them in person, it’s risky. I have been quite lucky so far, though, but because I go mad making sure that every inch is exactly what I think it is.

    Belts, pendants, whatever, much easier…

    • itsminenowblog
      August 24, 2012

      It is a little bit tricky but if the online shop has good return policies and if the buyer knows what they’re looking for then it’s a fantastic way to shop! Accessories are much easier to commit to, we agree! Thanks for your comment! x

      • Paula J
        August 28, 2012

        Yes, hawk eyes on that return policy!

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