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Vintage. Second-hand. Upcycled. Handmade. That’s the slogan of this new shop that has just opened in Melville Johannesburg, and I love it! Their aim is simple: to find nice things, mostly vintage/second-hand, and share them with people; which I think is such a lovely idea! The next time I go to Joburg, I’m definitely gonna pay their little shoppie a visit.

Here’s a link to their facebook page if you are interested in finding out more

And here is a video of the shop opening, and funnily enough, they had their shop sign hand-crafted by the same guys that made our wooden sign in my office at Knnktr. (Tigermouse Design, you guys are awesome!)

NiceFind Grand Opening. from Raphael Klatzko on Vimeo.

Lauren x

2 comments on “Nicefind

  1. Anon
    May 5, 2012

    Tigermouse didn’t actually do the design, they just cut it.
    Says Who did all the shop branding.

    • itsminenowblog
      May 6, 2012

      Oops, meant the to say cut out. The logo is awesome! Nice one Says Who. Thanks for letting us know!

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